WESTMAN STEEL's diverse and broad product line extends to all areas of Agricultural, Commercial and Residential construction requirements. WESTMAN STEEL offers a full range of products from nine strategic locations across Canada. Our strength remains our commitment to product diversification, allowing you the convenience of easy product access through knowledgeable and responsive service.

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    WESTMAN STEEL and the WESTMAN GROUP of companies have been servicing Western Canada’s Agricultural Industry for over 50 years. From roof and wall cladding, to flashing and fasteners, WESTMAN STEEL offers a full array of agricultural related products essential for the industry.

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    Although the strength of WESTMAN STEEL is derived from its agricultural roots, its diverse product offering now extends well into all types of commercial applications. With the growth of steel roofing and wall assemblies, WESTMAN’s products have become fundamental elements in the construction industry.

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    The increase in popularity and growth of Residential Steel Roofing has increased the demand for WESTMAN’s steel roof product lines. Originally, steel roofing was prominently used in the construction of agricultural structures, but more diverse and aesthetic profiles have changed consumer perceptions and knowledge of steel roofing benefits such as low maintenance and longer life cycles. Along with factory roll-formed metal roofs, WESTMAN STEEL offers a full range of stone coated shakes and shingles.

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World Class Products

From economical, fast storage on the farm, to aesthetically pleasing roof lines for commercial buildings, and enhancing and protecting private residences. Here you'll find everything you need to complete your building projects. Most products listed here are WESTMAN manufactured; however, we're very pleased to distribute world-class products from suppliers meeting our quality standards. All products are backed by incomparable WESTMAN service.

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