WESTMAN STEEL/CSSBI Promotes Steel Roofing on HGTV

Advertising Campaign Runs Spring of 2013

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Toronto, ON April 22, 2013 - WESTMAN STEEL is contributing funds to support a television advertising campaign aimed at increasing consumer awareness of the many advantages, features and benefits of residential steel roofs. The advertising campaign, organized by the Marketing Committee of the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI), begins Monday, April 22nd, 2013 and runs for four consecutive weeks in 40 urban markets across Canada.

WESTMAN STEEL is one of several CSSBI members jointly funding this first-ever television advertising initiative to promote residential steel roofing products across Canada. The campaign will air exclusively on HGTV (Home & Garden Television), comprising a total of 48 commercial placements, and is projected to deliver an estimated total viewing audience of more than 4.7 million adults aged 25-64.

This CSSBI marketing initiative is designed to reach Canadian consumers directly, in order to introduce them to the aesthetic beauty, durability and superior performance of today's steel roof profiles, as well as their considerable environmental and long-term financial advantages. Clearly, these combined attributes offer homeowners superior value versus conventional asphalt roofing products; accordingly, the commercials will air exclusively on HGTV, within the context of programming whose content is targeted to focus on viewers with specific interests in home improvement and renovation.

As a call to action, the 30-second residential steel roof television commercial will direct consumers to visit steelroofsource.com, where they will find an updated "REQUEST A CONTRACTOR" form, which they can complete and submit online. Their request will be forwarded to WESTMAN STEEL, and we will respond directly to consumers by forwarding them the appropriate product and contractor information.

View the commercial at www.steelresource.com